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Its plain to see.
I'm playing him for a fool.
The thing that really enrages me though is the fact that he doesnt think I'm capable of being this deceitful. I guess thats not really something I should be proud of, but at least I'm good at it. The thing that elates me, on the other hand, is that there is nothing he can do to stop my plans. Nothing at all. He supsects that I had a motive and I failed, or that I had no motive at all and I dont know what I'm doing. You fucking idiot. Of course theres a motive, of course I know what I'm doing, and of course YOU WILL LOSE! Its as simple as that. I always win. He cant see the big picture, or maybe its the little things making up the big piture that he cant grasp. I focus on the smaller things first, or the victories that arent immediately noticable. Thats why I always win. I find it kind of funny, also I find it kind of sad, that I am so deceitful, yet you expect me to be had. You'll never win. Its already too late. Theres nothing you can do and theres no one who can stop me, not even you. I guess my style is much more intricate because he cant see it at all.
-Sweet Deceit-
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