ruthiemiserable (ruthiemiserable) wrote in idontloveyou,

Where's my microphone head?

We’re driving home, it’s late at night. You’re falling asleep to the sound of old music and the engine hum. The highway’s dark, we’re all alone. The air is thin, my thoughts are gone. It’s about that night that we stayed awake, your heart was steady, the sound made me calm. We moved so close and we almost held hands but we kept our titles so it would stay the same. I whispered your name. My hands are off the wheel, this thinking makes me frantic but I don’t let people see. I built up my courage and whispered “I love you” loud enough for just you to hear. I shut my eyes and waited. My foot is pushing the accelerater, stop is not an option. It’s already out there, we know too much. Laying next to you that night I waited for what you might say but all I heard was a heartbeat. You had fallen asleep before it was said. While I think about it my head slams into the windshield. We hit a tree head on but I didn’t guide the wheel there, death came to me. I said “I love you” one last time but even though you’re awake I still hear silence. And when you remember what just happened you’ll fall to your knees in prayer. But the prayer won’t be about me. It will be about how you hope you and the one you actually love will live happily ever after in that big house with your perfect life.
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