heartsonauction (heartsonauction) wrote in idontloveyou,

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My heart is on an auction, It goes to the highest Bid

Any takers???
Well Ive had my share of heartbreaks. So sick of being used and and thrown away like a paper towel. IM DAMN special and im sick of being treated like a whore. Im not. I have emotions. i want the damn white picket fence. I want to find a love of my life. Therefore today I got a True love waits ring. Im not a virgin but its between God and me. Its a form of ASSHOLE BE GONE. No asshole is going to come close to me and get what he wants and leave anymore. no Sir. IF they want it that bad... they gonna have to PUT A RING ON IT.
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Amen! I am SO with you, girl! I totally get you...